Changzhou Vito Fluid Technology Co., LTD

        Vito Fluid Technology Co., Ltd is Located in Changzhou Science and Education City, it’s a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research, development, production, sales and service of piezoelectric fluid devices. We provide professional technical services and high-quality solutions for users while providing high-quality products. At present, the company has authorized more than 40 patents, with completely independent intellectual property rights.
      Vito fluid has been deeply engaged in the field of piezoelectric fluid devices for many years. With its strong technical strength, Vito fluid continuously promotes the development of micropump and microvalve technology. At present, Vito fluid has become an enterprise capable of mass producing micropumps and microvalves. Today, no matter in life science, medical equipment, food technology; Whether in aerospace, fine chemicals, consumer electronics and other fields, Vito's products are widely used, which makes Vito a partner of many high-tech enterprises and famous laboratories.

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We are a company focusing on fluid technology

  • Manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality piezoelectric actuators and piezoelectric components
  • Customized solutions with multiple possibilities
  • Provide professional technical services for users
  • At present, it has become an enterprise capable of mass production of micropumps and microvalves
  • Competitive price and stable productivity
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Project Support
Project support
Our experienced support team will provide comprehensive and professional advice for your project.
R&D Support
R & D support
From prototype to batch order, we will give full support.
Strict QA System
Strict Quality Assurance
We strictly enforce complete control over every step of the manufacturing process.
Series Production
Series production
All piezoelectric actuator processes should be perfectly coordinated.
On-Time Delivery
On time delivery
Internal manufacturing ensures delivery of instant piezoelectric actuators.
Team Work
Team work
We check and adjust your project parameters in the calibration laboratory and work with your team.